Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches or Emblems are a popular option for youth soccer clubs. However, if your logo is very detailed, it can be expensive to produce and may have to be modified to fit within the limitations of embroidery. Less detailed logos make embroidered patches an affordable option for your patches.

The majority of all embroidered patches sold in the US are produced in China, Taiwan and Mexico. Having to import embroidered patches does dictate longer production times (usually twice as long as our Dye Sublimated patches that are Made in the USA).

Pricing is quoted on a per order basis and based on:
1: Coverage: Amount of the patch that is stitched.
2: Size: (L + W / 2 = patch size)
3: Colors: Up to 8 per logo.

Minimum Quantity = 300 pieces

60 Twill Background Material Colors

350 Thread Colors

Plastic Backing: included at no extra charge

Additional Fees:
Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver Thread
Heat-Seal or Velcro Backing


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